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How to use Redis for caching a Drupal 8 site


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  • Dinkar Prajapati

    Thanks @Crell very helpful
    The setup for Redis with Drupal 8 works all fine. My setup uses ephimeral redis 6.0.1 with no eviction policy. I have few queries on how it works

    1. The Drupal module REDIS is disabled in CMS but the redis info displays different memory allocations each time. Does the module need to be enabled?
    2. My setup also replaces default FLOOD table with redis. Drupal 8 has a system cron job (CLEANUP) which executes every 15 minutes to clean caches, batch, flood, temp-files, etc. Does this mean it is worthless to use it for cache and flood clean up?
    3. To clean up flood table, what is the correct process? Below is the list of keys that include flood
      (128) “drupal.redis.8.9.x.x.x:flood:user.failed_login_user:{user}-{ip}”
      (935) “drupal.redis.8.9.x.x.x:config:user.flood”
      (3776) “drupal.redis.8.9.x.x.x:flood:user.failed_login_ip:{ip}”

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