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How to enable commandline autocomplete support for the `platform` CLI tool


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  • Patrick Dawkins

    After some discussion earlier - the CLI has had built-in autocompletion support for a long time, but it’s not documented and doesn’t activate everywhere, specifically we found a problem with Bash 3.x (an old version present by default on Macs).

    All that you should now need is:

    1. Have Bash or ZSH as your shell
    2. Have bash-completion installed, or the equivalent (ZSH usually has completion built in) - on Mac OS X with Homebrew this is brew install bash-completion
    3. Install the CLI via the installer or, if already installed, run platform up to get version 3.42.1 and platform self:install to install
    4. Open a new shell (to make sure everything is sourced that needs to be)

    … that should be it.

    In other words on many systems the CLI installation process should enable all this by default.


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