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Access to a file is blocked



  • Paul Gilzow

    i’m going to make some assumptions based on what you’ve included. If any of those assumptions are incorrect, please let me know.

    It looks like you have your web root set to /app/web/ and webpc-passthru.php is stored in the directory above (ie /app/webpc-passthru.php). The file should be includable but unless you have a location defined for it, it wont be accessible from the web.

    I’ve not used this plugin before but I’m surprised it would want to place one of its files above the webroot. :puzzled: Is the /app/webpc-passthru.php it’s referencing the physical path or the URI?

  • Rob Rex

    I believe it’s trying to reach the file at

    Thanks for your help!

  • Rob Rex

    Here is the screenshot of the error returned by the plugin. I'd love it if you could help me resolve this.

  • Paul Gilzow

    based on this:

      root: "web/app/uploads"

    from your file above, your web root is web. and you're exposing the *server* directory ./web/app/uploads to the world as /wp/wp-content/uploads

    Since you also have 

      root: “web/app/cache”

    as a location, you could instead combine those into:

      root: "web/app"

    if the file webpc-passthru.php is physically (ie the server path) located at ./web/app/webpc-passthru.php then it will be exposed to the world as https://site-domain/wp/wp-content/webpc-passthru.php



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