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How to install grpc for PHP in



  • Chad Carlson

    Hi there!

    We have a section in our documentation covering Installing Custom PHP extensions. You won’t have access to apt-get on our containers.

    Our team also maintains a few example snippets for installing specific extensions that you can take a look at (swoole, relay, and phpredis).

  • Matthias Van Woensel

    For future people getting to this article, I wrote a pecl tool that simplifies the building of custom extensions through pecl and also uses the PLATFORM_CACHE to speed up subsequent builds.

    Usage is as simple as

        build: |
            set -e  
            chmod +x pecl  
            ./pecl install grpc

    The pecl source code can be found on github and can be placed inside your project folder. Feel free to change it as you see fit.


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