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Setup for Angular + Node Js Project


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  • Chris Yates

    Hi there. You’re correct that a project can only have one Git integration set up.

    If you’re looking to integrate code from multiple repositories into a single project, you can use Git submodules for that. Note that there’s one important caveat when you’re setting up a multiapp as you’ve described, which we’ve noted here.

    If you wanted to trigger builds from updates to the submodules you could potentially do this with GitHub Actions, as outlined here by another contributor.

    Regarding your second question, builds are environment-agnostic. That is, you can’t have a different build hook run differently on production vs. another branch.

    It’s important to note what an environment at means. An environment is attached to a specific Git branch, all tied to the same build process.

    At deploy you do have access to the branch name and other environment-level variables that would allow you to change the behavior of your application (e.g. using a different API key for a service in production vs. in development) but the source code cannot be manipulated at that time.

    Hope this is helpful!



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