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Import SQL limit



  • Otavio Santana

    Hello ben-platform, how are you?
    I wish you a happy new year.

    Please, could you verify the size of the database size?
    The file is on .platform/services.yaml

    It will look like this:

        type: oracle-mysql:8.0
        disk: 1024

    Be aware that when deploying your project, the sum of all disk keys defined in and .platform/services.yaml must be equal or less than the plan storage size . For example, if your plan storage size is 5 GB, you can assign:

    • 2 GB to your application, 3 GB to your database
    • 1 GB to your application, 4 GB to your database
    • 1 GB to your application, 1 GB to your database, 3 GB to your Elasticsearch service
    • etc.

    The ref:

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Otavio,

    I m fine thanks, happy new year too :wink:

    I think the datasize is correct :

    In my

    disk: 1024

    and in my service.yml

        type: mariadb:10.4
        disk: 4096

    The gzip dump size is about 300mo (on a mount ) and unzip size is about 3GO (but not present on a server)


  • Otavio Santana

    Yeap, it looks, right.
    Could you fire a ticket in support?
    Therefore, you can provide a project where the support team can go deep on it.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Yes I 've already create a ticket yesterday but unfortunately I haven’t got answer


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