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How to git push without rebuilding?



  • Larry

    Any change to the files on disk will result in a new build if pushed to an active branch. That’s to ensure all changes are “clean”, that is, the deployed application is always in a predictable state.

    We automatically cache most language package managers so that re-installing those should be as fast as possible.

    If you have custom build tasks that are slower than you’d like, you can cache those manually using the build cache directory. See for the docs, and for an example script.

    If what you want is to minimize the time that your local terminal is blocked, you can run platform push -W. The -W is short for --no-wait, and does just that; it kicks off the push and build process but then disconnects so that it doesn’t block your shell.

  • DevRel

    Thank you, Crell.
    I see now.


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