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(How) Can I change the "Code base template" after purchasing a plan?



  • Ori Pekelman

    Simplest is to delete the project and start over, setting up a project takes a minute. But… if you really want to do this, nothing complicated:

    1. The templates live in git and can be found on our public Github account:✓&q=template
    2. Your project is just a plain git repository, if you want to start-over, nothing simpler, just clone one of our other templates, add your project’s git repository as a remote, and force push over it.


    git clone
    cd template-flask
    git remote rm origin
    git remote add origin
    git push -f origin

    Some notes:

    1. Please be aware this is very destructive any files, databases etc will most likely be lost forever (well unless you created a snapshot first).
    2. Variables and other branch configurations may linger on. Also, if the git repo you are pushing over the existing one has the same application name, with the same mount names, or if services have the same name and type the data from the previous setup will still be there which could result in some interesting end-results. So really, just delete the project and create a new one.
  • Dan Morrison

    Thanks, especially for the link directly to the templates in github.
    I figured I could copy & paste the bits from the as needed, BUT, it seemed I had to set up and check out a complete dummy project first in order just to see the examples.
    With the ability to read and compare the templates directly, I can figure this out much quicker now.

    The additional warnings about other side effects, like branch conflicts, are also helpful, cheers.


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