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My project looks to be out of storage. How do I add more?


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  • Chad Carlson

    It suggests that I add more storage to my plan. How do I do that?

    One way you can add more storage to your project is through the management console.

    Visit the accounts page. In the top right hand corner of the project in question click on the three vertical dots and select Edit - you can also reach these settings from with in a project on the console by clicking the button Edit plan on the project’s main page.

    The console will then show you the state of your current plan - the plan size, the number of environments, the number of users, and the amount of storage that is available in each environment. You can click the drop down for the current storage and select a larger amount. When you are finished, click Update plan. This will trigger a redeployment of your project so that your changes are updated.

    Keep in mind that while the management console supports increasing the amount of storage provided for each project environment, it will not allow you to decrease that amount after the fact without opening a support ticket, so increase the storage by one increment at a time and redeploy to see if that fixes your issue.

    Also, what does it mean by removing a service?

    The amount of storage available in an environment is shared across your services according to how you have configured it to do so in your and .platform/services.yaml files. Removing a service would free up whatever storage it was using and become available to the remaining services as a result.


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