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  • Chad Carlson

    Your first response when an unexpected problem occurs with your application should be to open a support ticket through the management console.

    Otherwise, you can join our public Slack channel and bring up your problem to one of the product managers in your message: @timgilmour, @patrickklima

    If you want to submit a bug report for the Platform.CLI, you can do so by adding an issue to the CLI repository here.

    If your bug is in the management console, you can submit in the public slack channel as well.

  • florian

    Note that if you have a security bug to report, please use

  • Tim Gilmour

    Also, anything regarding the console, or anything to do with your Platform account (or integrations, etc.), please don’t hesitate to ping me via slack (@timgilmour) directly, or via mention in #console-external. If you do not have access to that slack channel, hit me up and I will have you added.


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